How it Works

Welcome to Shuffle Swaps!

If you’re here, you’re interested in taking part in a sustainable fashion swap that keeps your wardrobe fresh, saves you cash and connects you to others in your community with whom to share your style tips and outfit history.

If you’re ready to get involved, all you need is one item that you are no longer wearing, follow our simple steps below and then it’s as easy as Browse, Match and Swap.

(P.S. Don’t have an item you want to swap right now? Don’t worry you can still get involved using Shuffle Points. See more below.)

Create a Profile for your items

Take a few pictures of your items and then upload to our site using our handy form.

Our forms are built to provide the most information about your item to help you and others make informed decisions before contacting each other. Give your item some colour! Tell us where you wore it last or your favourite memory wearing it. Have a dream item you'd love to swap for, let us know! You never know who might just have what you're looking for.


By uploading an item to swap you are helping to extend its lifecycle. This directly helps to reduce its overall carbon impact.

Browse Swaps available in your area

Explore items that are available to swap in your area using our search facility .

Why is the swap by location? We want to help you to make more informed second-hand decisions by seeing and assessing the item you are swapping for in person before exchanging. This way you can be sure of the quality, fit and condition. It's important to start a new relationship off on the right foot.


By connecting with our communities we can build meaningful connections with each other, and with the clothes we are swapping. Clothes deserve a lifetime of love.

Match with Others

See something you like? Message the user through the online form or send them a chat and let them know what you have to offer in exchange.

Matches are made when both users have items that the other would like to exchange for. This can be for one or more items. See all the different types of swaps you can take part in below.

Having trouble contacting a user? Message us here and let us know and we’ll look into this for you.


By creating a mutually beneficial swap you can help ensure the clothing you swap is wanted and worn and stays away from the landfill.

Arrange to Meet & Swap

Time to decide if this is the real deal or just a passing fancy!

Arrange a time to meet up, inspect your items and be 100% happy before you commit. Make the most of this opportunity and get to know your fellow swapper, by grabbing a coffee or a drink. Exchanging clothes is also about building connections and we want to build a community here with you.

Want a pre-meet up video call with a Shuffle representative? Book a quick 15-minute call here. Bring your items and let’s get to know each other!

COVID-19: Please see here for guidance on meet-ups.


By meeting in person you help reduce the carbon impact of deliveries and returns on items that don’t fit.

Swapping Types

The One-on-One
The classic that never gets old. Swap one item for one item. This can be for similar items, such as a dress for a dress, or different items such as a bag for a coat. You choose what you swap for.
The Double Date
Twice as nice. Swap two items for one (or two for two, or three for two etc). Use this in swaps where one item is of higher value than the other, or to simply boost your match for an item you really want.
Playing The Field
Level up your swapping game! This is a multi-player swap where three or more enter into an arrangement to exchange items with each other. For example, if you want a coat from a user who wants a bag from another user who wants the shoes that you own, you can create a mutually beneficial swap group in which everyone gets the item they desire.

Shuffle Points

Shuffle Points is a virtual “currency” that can be earned, transferred and cashed out for actual money when you sign up to join the Shuffle Community. Each user is assigned a virtual wallet through which you can purchasetransfer or be rewarded points from others.

Points can be used in the following ways:

To help secure a swap for an item where the owner has not matched with you for any of your items, or vice versa. In this case  Points can be transferred along with your items to help sweeten the deal or on their own in exchange.
If you do not have any items of your own listed for swapping but would like to acquire one from another user. Transfer Shuffle Points directly to the user in exchange for their item.

Points earned can be built up and used to secure other matches or cashed out.

The Points value for each item is set at the time you upload your listing, subject to a maximum amount for each item. You are free to negotiate the number of Points with other users provided they do not exceed this amount. 

Maximum amounts are based on your original purchase price as below, the maximum for each range should only be set if your item has never been worn.

Up to €50 = Max 35 Points

Up to €100 = Max 70 Points

Up to €200 – Max 135 Points

Up to €400 = Max 250 Points

€500+ = Max 350 Points

Shuffle Etiquette

Shuffle Swaps is a way to connect and share within our communities in a fun, engaging and social way.

We want to ensure that all our users have a friendly, uplifting and rewarding experience when using our service, which is why we’ve laid out a few etiquette tips to help us connect meaningfully.

Only upload items that you own and that are available to swap.

Only upload up-to-date current pictures of your item that have been taken by yourself. While you are encouraged to share pictures of yourself wearing your items (if comfortable to do so) please do not upload any stock images or images sourced from other websites.

Items to be swapped should be clean and laundered. Please do not bring unclean or unlaundered items to swap with another user.

If a user has contacted you about a possible exchange and you are not interested, please let them know immediately. Please do not engage in a possible swap if you are not interested in following through.

If you and another user have arranged to meet up, please do not miss the meeting without letting the other user know in plenty of time. If you have made all attempts to contact the other user and have not been able to reach out, please contact us here and we will help rearrange the meet-up.

If a swap does not take place because a user has changed their mind or you both have decided not to continue, please do not engage in any retaliatory or negative behaviour on Shuffle Swaps or any public accounts. We all change our minds from time to time!

For a full list of our Terms & Conditions and F.A.Q’s please see here. Please also reach out to our team here for any clarifications or concerns.