Most frequent questions and answers

Like normal swap shops, Shuffle works by helping you to swap your items with other users so you both receive a new pre-loved item to call your own.

We’ve taken the concept of swap-shops up a level though by enabling you and the other user to ensure that you both want what the other has to offer before you commit.

You do this through contacting the other user, either through email or through Facebook and Instagram Direct Messaging. Once you have both seen what the other has to offer and have come to an agreement you can arrange to meet-up at a location of your choosing.

The swaps are location based so that you can easily arrange to meet up at a spot convenient for you both and easily inspect each other’s items before you conclude the swap.

Shuffle offers the option to book in a pre-meet-up introduction Zoom Call so we can get to know each other, before a full meet-up is arranged. You can book a call here.

You are free to swap all fashion and clothing apparel that is of good quality or condition. This includes clothing, footwear, outerwear and fashion accessories.

We do not accept any under-garments (including socks), any items that need repair or are in anyway torn, faulty or not fit for purpose. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions here for more details.

If you don’t have any item you can swap out at the moment you can always use Shuffle points as an offer to the other user in exchange. Find out more about Shuffle Points here.

You are free to swap any item for any other item of your choosing provided both users agree. This can be in any form that is of value to you.

For example, a dress for a shirt, or a pair of shoes for a jacket. You can also agree to swap more than one item for another. For example, if you have a pair of shoes and a jacket, you may agree to swap both for one item from another user.

To help people view your item, pictures should be clear, ideally on a plain background and in good lighting. Having good visuals can draw more people to your items and helps give them more information. Feel free to get creative with your images, however please ensure that for all item’s clear pictures of the front and back are included.

Close up’s and images of any details such as embroidery and zippers/fastenings are always a plus.

Please see the below requirements


 Clothing TypeImage Requirements
 ClothingImages must include full length pictures of the front and back. Close ups of details, unique features, fastenings, labels etc can also be included
 FootwearImages must include the front, back and soles. Close ups of details, unique features, fastenings, labels etc can also be included.
Bags and PursesImages must include the front and back, and inner storage and pocket details. Close ups of details, unique features, fastenings, labels etc can also be included.
 Jewellery and AccessoriesImages must be full length and include fastenings. Close ups of details and unique features can also be included.

If you really want an item but have not matched with its owner for a traditional one-to-one swap, or perhaps don’t have any items to swap yet, you can use Shuffle Points to help sweeten the deal.

By transferring Shuffle Points to the other user, you both get something in exchange from each other. Shuffle Points can be built up and used for other items that you have not matched with or can be cashed out for actual money.

You can purchase Shuffle Points through the wallet in your user dashboard.

You can earn and build up your Shuffle Points on each successful swap, or through transfers received from other users.

Each Shuffle Point is equal to EURO €1. We charge a one-off transaction fee of €2.99 on each purchase.

You can register interest here to set up an account here to purchase Shuffle Points.

Shuffle Points can be purchased in bundles as below:

 Shuffle Points Price
 5 7.99
 10 12.99
 20 22.99
 30 32.99
 40 42.99

You can set the amount of Shuffle Points you will accept for your item when uploading your item to the site. When setting Shuffle Points we have assigned a maximum range based on the original purchase price of your item. You are free to set the points to any number within this range. However please consider the condition of your item when doing so. For example, if your bag was worth €550 but has been significantly worn then setting the points at the maximum amount for that range would not be representative of its current value. As a guide, if your item is in excellent condition, good as new or never worn, its estimated decrease in value is approximately 30%. If more heavily worn, at a minimum 50% decrease in value. We would encourage that the maximum for each range below is only set if your item has never been worn.
Original Purchase Price of Item Maximum Shuffle Points
< /= €50 35
 up to €100  70
up to €200 135
 up to €400 250
€500+ 350

This is to ensure that points are fairly represented across the service for all items based on their original purchase price.

It also ensures that each user gets fair and equal opportunity to participate in swapping for items through the service.

Shuffle points do not represent a 1:1 currency exchange for the price you originally purchased your item for, or its estimated current value.

The points are a means to encourage and incentivise a swap for an item you no longer wear that may not otherwise occur, or to help you obtain an item that you may not be able to exchange any of your own items for.

Shuffle points can be transferred along with an item to help complete a swap (e.g. you can swap a bag and transfer 50 Shuffle Points in exchange for the leather jacket) or used solely on their own.

You are free to negotiate the number of points to transfer to the owner, subject to the set maximum for each range. It will ultimately be up to the owner to accept or refuse an offer based on their preferences.

You can cash out points using your Points wallet. Cash will be transferred into your PayPal account.

We do not facilitate any form of returns through our service. We would advise that you thoroughly inspect and try the item at the time of swapping to ensure that you are happy to engage in the swap.

We do not facilitate posting through our service. You are however free to arrange exchange of items through postal services with the other user based on mutual agreement.

Covid-19 is an uncertain time for us all. We are closely monitoring and following Irish Government guidance on community interactions. Currently Ireland is in Phase 3 of reopening. This will be revised as Government Guidance changes.

To ensure that all our users are safe and healthy the following guidelines should be followed when arranging to meet-up and swap with each other.

  • Please ensure swap items are clean and laundered before swapping. As a precaution we would also advise re-washing after acquiring an item, or leaving out for a few days before wearing.
  • Wearing face masks is encouraged where possible.
  • Regularly wash hands or sanitise during the meet-up
  • If you are feeling unwell or suspect you may have Covid-19 please do not undertake any swaps or meet-ups until you have quarantined for 14 days or have tested as negative.